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GinkgoWalls are truly things of beauty - they are living works of art. 

We balance unique design and quality construction with horticultural artistry and sophistication to furnish our clients with vertical green space. We also work with various manufacturers to provide you with a selection of the best living walls in the industry. For those of you who would like to build your own living wall, we have a variety of do-it-yourself kits, living wall accessories and everything you need to maintain a healthy living wall system.

Whether it is to create an exterior privacy screen or an interior piece of art, we create unique, inspiring, living murals that also serve practical functions by improving the environment, enhancing biodiversity and purifying the air. 

With years of experience, we offer professional services to create and maintain functional green space in your home or work space. Enhance your personal well-being by integrating nature into your space or create a vertical garden to grow your herbs and spices. 

Get a living wall today and create a healthy, tranquil and productive green space.

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